Institute for Healing Arts Research : Director, Andrew Kochan, M.D.
The current goals of the Institute:

 1. To sponsor ongoing clinical research, in the form of case studies, clinical monitoring studies, and placebo controlled clinical trials, on both proven and investigative, safe, noninvasive or minimally invasive, alternative treatments for pain.

2. To develop a database of clinically useful research findings produced in-house through the Kochan Institute and externally through related research organizations on noninvasive treatment modalities for pain relief and evaluating the relative success rate of these various treatments.

3. To disseminate through published literature, electronic media, symposia, and other venues relevant information on scientifically documented (evidence-based) safe and effective integrative treatments, including both conventional and alternative therapies, for pain relief to health consumers affected by pain, the general public, and professional health care providers.

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