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The mission of the Kochan Institute for Healing Arts Research is to use, study, evaluate and develop pain treatment therapies based on ancient healing wisdom, modern Western medicine, innovative biomedical technology, and noninvasive CAM therapies. We are interested in developing integrative approaches to treating acute and chronic pain that can significantly improve the physical and psychological health and quality of life of our patients.

We specialize in innovative approaches to pain treatment from using prolotherapy and platelet rich plasma treatments to innovative uses of bee sting therapy for the treatment of pain.


PlatsProlotherapy & PRP

Your body knows how to heal an injury to it, if it is given the right signals. When there is enough of an injury to get bleeding or tissue destruction certain chemicals are released and the body is triggered to respond. It sends in certain cells to cleanup the mess and others to lay down new collagen.

When you have a strain, light sprain or overuse of a tendon, ligament or joint there is no blood, no dead tissue and no recognition by the body of an injury. Thus, there is no or very little healing.

Prolotherapy is the way we can trigger the body’s healing response. PRP or platelet rich plasma can supercharge the healing process by releasing a multitude of growth factors into the area of the injury. To make sure the treatment is done to the right tissue the injections are guided to the correct spot using ultrasound guidance.


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